Listening Test

E-listening part 2 comprehension practice 5


Exercise 5. track 23
Multiple choice. Choose the best answer from: a,b, c, or d.


1.This actor once acted a small part in a movie. What movie?
a. Star Trek IV b. Star Wars
c. Back to the future d. Star Struck

2. Acting on stage is more difficult than acting in a movie:
a. Because the audience is noisy.
b. Because there is no chance to do anything over again.
c. Because you have to perform everyday.
d. Because the tickets cost more.

3. As the actor put on his costume:
a. He felt very confident.
b. He felt happy
c. He felt nervous.
d. He felt disappointed.

4. When the play began:
a. The actor forgot his lines.
b. The actor fell off the stage.
c. The stage broke.
d. Everything went well in spite of the vase breaking.

5. When the play was over:
a. The audience liked the performance very much.
b. The audience did not like the performance.
c. The audience left immediately.
d. The audience did not want a curtain call.


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