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E構文基礎1問題(syntax1 question)



記号S:主語 O:目的語    C:補語      n :名詞    v:動詞     adj:形容詞 adv:副詞  r  :動詞原形    to r :不定詞    ~ing:動名詞  pp:過去分詞     

part 1 


Although we sometimes take it for granted that most people know only the language of the country they live in, statistics published by the United Nations show that a majority of the world’s population is able to speak more than one language. 


take A for granted  Aを当然の事と見なす 

S sometimes V 「Sは、時々Vする、Sは、Vするときもある」 

statistics n 統計学(単数扱い)、統計資料(複数扱い)  

language n 言語、言葉 

publish 出版する、公開する、公にする 

the  United Nations  国連 

majority n 多数派 大多数 

pattern ▸ 調査、統計、資料(A) show that S+V 



Although Japanese people now take it for granted that people have enough food and places to live in, statistics show that there are lot of people in the world who are deprived of even basic necessities.  


A have enough ~ 「Aには十分な~がある」 

take it for granted that S+V:[「SがVする」ことを当然視する]:itは、形式目的語that以下名詞節が真の目的語。 

basic necessities 基本的な必需品 

A be deprived of B 「Aは、Bを奪われる Aは、Bを与えられていない AはBを持っていない」 


People with heart disease suffer chest pains that make simple activities, such as walking ,shaving or taking a shower difficult. 


heart disease 心臓病  

suffer    苦しむ、経験する 

chest  胸 

pain 痛み、苦労 

simple 単純な、簡単な 

activity 行為、活動 

take a shower シャワーを浴びる 


The alphabet makes it possible for us to read and write thousands of different words with only twenty-six different letters. 


A make O+C:Aが無生物で理由、原因を示すとき「Aのおかげで・ためにO=Cになる」 

この応用でA make O+r 「Aのおかげで・ためにOはrする」 

make it possible to r 「rすることを可能にする」 

alphabet n.アルファベット 

thousands of ~ 何千という~ 

手段を示すwith~= using~ 

letter n.1手紙 2 文学letters  3 文字 


The agreement will make the end of all the fighting possible. 


Language is man’s principal communication system. Of all the wonderful and unique characteristics of man, his ability to communicate through the use of language is perhaps the most important. 



communicate 意志を伝える、連絡する、交信する 

communication 意志を伝えること、連絡、交信 

system 体系、システム、やり方、組織 

wonderful 素晴らしい 

unique それだけが持つ、特有の、唯一の 

characteristic 特徴的な、特徴 

through ~を経て、通って、~によって (媒体、手段を示す) 

use of~ ~の使用、用途 


The lack of water, the intense heat of the sun, and other hardships have always made journey across the deserts the worst kind of travel in the world. 


lack n.持っていないこと、欠いていること、v. ~を欠いている、持っていない 

intense 強力な、強い、 

heat  暑さ、熱 

hardship 苦難、苦労 


The English language has throughout its history accepted with comparative ease , words from other languages with which it has been in contact. 


throughout~ = through~ 

accept ~を受け入れる 

comparative 比較的の 相対的な 

with ease 容易に 

be in contact with~ ~と接触する 


Science, if it is rightly used , will bring to everyone the pleasure and knowledge which not so long ago were confined to few people. 


be rightly used 正しく使われる 

pleasure 喜び、楽しみ 

knowledge 知識 

confine A to B=limit A to B=restrict A to B AをBに限定する 


The moon is the nearest, and therefore appears to us, except the sun, the largest, although it is in reality one of the smallest heavenly bodies. 


therefore それゆえ、従って 

S appear C S=Cに見える 

except~ ~を除いて、~以外は 

in reality 実際に 

heavenly body 天体 

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